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PlanetAI Explorer Reward

🪐 Explorer, Stake On Any Planet Below.

Ego Planet

AI-Controlled: 7 days Stake

Ego – The living Planet gives 0% reward for the duration of 7days with the abilities to influence matter around it

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Krypton Planet

AI-Controlled: 30 days Stake

Krypton – The legacy Planet for superman gives 10% reward for the duration of 30days with super capabilities

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Cybertron Planet

AI-Controlled: 180 days Stake

Cybertron is the home planet of the Transformers gives 30% reward for the duration of 180days and fully secured

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Galactica Planet

AI-Controlled: 1 Year

Galactica replicates the culture of 2000’s USA gives 70% reward for the duration of 1 Year with twelve colonies

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Arda Planet

AI-Controlled: 3 Years

Arda is in the Middle Earth that gives 200% reward for the duration of 3 Years where you can become Lord of the Rings

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Alien Planet

AI-Controlled: 5 Years

The Alien from 1979’s Alien is a deeply chilling place gives 400% reward for the duration of 5 Years with different mysterious signal

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